Saturday, 11 June 2016

The 90's Supermodel Lip

So you all know I'm all all about those 90's makeup trends right now (like I said, probably influenced by all the Voyager I've been watching: side note - who else is super excited for MAC x Star Trek?). 

I blame Kylie Jenner. First it was all about MAC Soar & Brave, then I finally got on the Whirl & Velvet Teddy bandwagon, and then my beloved bought me a Kylie Lip Kit and my fate was sealed. I'd gone from low key nude lips to fully reliving the nineties, and I'm still not bored yet. One of my favourite  looks at the minute is MAC Groundwork paintpot on the eyes, with a brown kohl liner smudged into the upper lashline, my holy grail Nars Laguna bronzer (no blush for this one), and either a dirty rose or brown nude lip. 

When I discovered this little duo, I was so impressed by the pairing that I dubbed it The 90's Supermodel Lip - I know, high praise indeed. Say hello to my new faves: Too Faced Perfect Lips in Perfect Nude and Chantecaille Lucky. I had them both in my collection already, and honestly wasn't so fussed for the Chantecaille before. I didn't understand the hype and was kind of regretting it. But when I paired it with the Too Faced lipliner, oh my! I've never been one for shimmery lipglosses before but boy, does this one make your lips look plumper! (I'm also not one for plumping lipglosses - not a fan of irritants making my lips swell, I'll be honest with ya). There's just something about these two together that is so utterly flattering, I'm completely addicted. If you've been dreaming of a gorgeously glossy nude lip, you might just find it in these two.

What's your favourite nude lip? 

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Backups.

You know the ones, those absolute gems that not only do you repurchase, but you have a secret stash all ready to go should you *gasp!* run out. Heaven forbid you should have to go even a day without your precious product, amirite?

So these are the things that I refuse to be without.

I've literally just realised that all four products are from just two brands *eye rolling forever*. So I used to be Team Nars Creamy Concealer and sure, it has it's place. but now I'm 100% Team UD Naked Skin Concealer (this has a much longer name but honestly, who has the time...). It's creamy, it's pigmented, it's a dream for highlighting and my beauty blender gets along just great with it. What's not to like?  

My next backup, is one which I didn't even like at first. Go figure. It's the Perversion mascara, also from Urban Decay. Now, when this one is brand new, it's clumpy, its smudgy, it's not my favourite by a long shot. But, when it dries out a little, oh my! Literally the most fluttery lashes you ever did see. It even surpasses my old favourite, Guerlain Maxi Lash. Honestly, there would be tears if this were ever to be discontinued. Lots of them,

Again, we've got two from Anastasia, but she is the undisputed Queen of Brows so no real surprise there. The Tinted Brow Gel is my absolute favourite - not just for setting, but for adding some dimension. The warmth in my chosen shade Brunette might be too much for some, but I love it for making my brows appear fuller and less flat. Now the much raved about Brow Wiz took me a while to get on board with, but now I wouldn't be without it. I mean, I dabble in pencils, powders and her very own Dip Brow Pomade from time to time, but I always come back to this. The nib is super fine, and it's almost waxy consistency makes it really easy to use the right pressure to get your desired look. Once you've got the hang of it, it'll never let you down.

So tell me, what's in your backup stash?


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mac Spice and Honey Love

Honestly though, is there anything better than finding a new favourite lip combination? 

I really wasn't sure if the iconic MAC Spice lipliner would suit my skin tone (pale with pink undertones) but the 90's obsession is at an all time high and I seem to have a burning desire to own ALL of the nude lip colours. I don't think all the Star Trek I've been watching is helping either. Anyway, after Googling swatches for ages I decided to just go for it. 

My lipstick of choice for pairing with MAC Spice is MAC Honeylove. It's a gorgeous nude, which is just a little *too* nude for me to wear alone - but is perfect over a liner to give the look some dimension. 

So tell me, what's your favourite lip combo? If you've tried either of these, please let me know how you like to wear them :)